How to Add Your Tracks to BeatStars Publishing

This article applies to:
  • Publishing Members: Haven’t joined BeatStars Publishing yet? Discover the steps to sign up and unlock new opportunities for your music. Click here to learn about signing up for Publishing.

  • Current Publishing Members with Tracks Distributed on Spotify: This information is vital for members whose tracks are already available on Spotify, as having your Songs on this platform is a key requirement for registration of your tracks via BeatStars Publishing.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to register your tracks with BeatStars Publishing, ensuring you're equipped to collect your royalties efficiently.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log into BeatStars Studio here

  2. You can begin by clicking on "Add Song to Publishing" within the Publishing Section. This is accessible on the side menu within Studio.

  3. Start your search by entering the track name, artist name, album name, or ISRC number to find your tracks.

  4. You can now select your tracks for registration.

    NOTE: You have the flexibility to select multiple tracks for registration and simultaneously search for new terms, This will include all selected tracks in the same bulk registration.

  5. You can review and manage the items selected by clicking on the "tracks selected" button:

  6. Within the "Selected Tracks" area, you can review or remove specific tracks within the list.

  7. After selecting all the tracks you intend to register, click on "Next Step."

  8. You can now review all selected tracks. Here, you can also edit details for each track individually or apply bulk edits.

  9. Once you are satisfied with your review, you can proceed by clicking "Submit."

    NOTE: You have the option to submit tracks individually or in bulk.

  10. Your track registrations have been successfully submitted at this stage. We will then review your submissions and notify you if there are any issues during our review process.

    Note: Within the tracklisting section, please see below with regards to the status you might see and what each means:

      • Draft:  This status is used whenever you click on the "Save as Draft" button.  This status is for drafts you created but have not yet published.
      • Queued:  Your tracks will be in this status while we check your submission data. When your submission is approved your tracks will move to “under review”. No resubmission action is necessary. Your track can then be “approved” or “rejected”. 
      • Rejected:  If any inconsistencies or issues are identified by our Quality Control Team, then your track may be rejected. We will notify you explaining the reason and request necessary changes to resubmit.
      • Approved:  This status is used to confirm that all data is correct and the track has been accepted for publishing.  We will then start to collect any royalties when accrued for this release.

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