What is a PRO?

A PRO (Performing Rights Organization) is a publishing organization responsible for collecting performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers.

Performance royalties are paid to the copyright holder whenever a composition is performed publicly – recorded or live, via radio, television, clubs, restaurants, digital outlets, concerts, websites, and other music services, and/or venues.  However, it is important to note that PROs are not responsible for collecting the mechanical royalties that are generated when a song or production is purchased, downloaded, and/or streamed.

Below is a current list of some Performing Rights Organizations filtered by country.  

IMPORTANT:  We do not manage these services, as a result, the list could be subject to change and there may be others.  Please search your country's additional PRO options if needed. 

Country Agency Site
Argentina SADAIC https://www.sadaic.org.ar/
Australia APRA https://apraamcos.com.au/
Australia PPCA http://www.ppca.com.au/
Austria AKM https://www.akm.at/
Belgium SABAM https://www.sabam.be/
Bolivia SENAPI https://www.senapi.gob.bo/
Brazil ECAD https://www3.ecad.org.br/
Bulgaria MUSICAUTHOR https://www.musicautor.org/
Canada SOCAN http://www.socan.com/
Chile SCD http://www.scd.cl/
Colombia ACINPRO https://www.acinpro.org.co/
Colombia SAYCO http://sayco.org/
Croatia HDS https://www.hds.hr/
Czech Republic OSA https://www.osa.cz/
Denmark KODA https://www.koda.dk/
Estonia EAU https://www.eau.org/
Finland Teosto https://www.teosto.fi/
France SACEM https://www.sacem.fr/
Georgia GCA https://www.gca.ge/
Germany GEMA https://www.gema.de/
Greece GEA-GRAMMO, ERATO-APOLLON https://www.geamusic.gr/
Hong Kong CASH https://www.cash.org.hk/
Hungary ARTISJUS https://www.artisjus.hu/
India IPRS https://www.iprs.org/
Ireland PPI https://www.ppimusic.ie/
Israel ACUM https://acum.org.il/
Italy SIAE https://www.siae.it/
Japan JASRAC https://www.jasrac.or.jp/
Lithuania LATGA-A https://www.latga.lt/
Malaysia MACP https://www.macp.com.my/
Mexico SACM https://www.sacm.org.mx/
Nepal MRCSN https://norcode.no/
Netherlands BUMA https://www.bumastemra.nl/
New Zealand APRA https://apraamcos.co.nz/
Norway TONO https://www.tono.no/
Panama SPAC https://www.spac.org.pa/
Peru APDAYC http://www.apdayc.org.pe/
Philippines FILSCAP https://filscap.com.ph/
Poland ZAIKS https://zaiks.org.pl/
Puerto Rico ACEMLA https://acemla.com/
Romania UCMR https://ucmr-ada.ro/
Russia RAO https://rao.ru/
Serbia SOKOJ https://www.sokoj.rs/
Singapore COMPASS https://www.ncss.gov.sg/
Slovakia SOZA http://www.soza.sk/
South Africa SAMRO https://www.samro.org.za/
South Korea KOMCA https://www.komca.or.kr/
Spain SGAE http://www.sgae.es/
Sweden STIM https://www.stim.se/
Switzerland SUISA https://www.suisa.ch/
Taiwan MUST https://www.must.org.tw/
Thailand MCT http://www.mct.in.th/
Trinidad COTT http://www.cott.org.tt/
Ukraine UACRR http://uacrr.org.ua/
United Kingdom PRS https://prsfoundation.com/
United Kingdom PPL https://www.ppluk.com/
United States of America ASCAP https://www.ascap.com/
United States of America BMI https://www.bmi.com/
United States of America ACEMLA https://acemla.com/
United States of America AllTrack https://www.alltrack.com/
United States of America GMR https://globalmusicrights.com/
Uruguay AGADU https://www.agadu.org/
Venezuela SACVEN http://sacven.org/
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