Why are my licenses not available for purchase?

This article applies to:

  • Beat Sellers
  • Starter Plan
  • Professional Plan



In this article, you will learn why your licenses are currently unavailable for purchase.


This is usually because the required files, which your license(s) state are to be included with the purchase, have not yet been uploaded by you.  For example, if your license(s) state that a WAV and/or Track Stems will be included, then these file(s) are required to be uploaded for the assigned track(s) in order to activate the license(s) for these track(s).

You will need to either upload the required file(s), or un-check them from being included in the applicable license(s) in order to activate the affected license(s).  You can modify your license(s) settings in the following location of your account.  Also, please ensure to click "Apply to All Tracks" next to each applicable license(s) after you save your changes if you wish to apply these changes to all tracks.  When logged into your account, please visit the following section.

Licenses & Contracts

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