Why Can't I Upload my Tracks?

This article applies to:

  • Beat sellers
  • Professional plan
  • Starter plan



This article is to troubleshoot the issue of not being able to upload your tracks. This can be due to various reasons we will outline below. If you checked all of the below and you are still having issues, please submit a ticket so that we can troubleshoot further.

Common causes

1.  You do not have a stable internet connection.

2. You may have browser plugins, extensions, or pop-up blockers enabled.

3. You may have antivirus or firewall settings that might be preventing uploads.

4. You are receiving the minimum bitrate error. 

5. You are receiving the error stating you have reached your 10-track limit

6. If you are receiving an error stating that that file already exists in another track. 


1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and your pop-up blockers, adblock, and antivirus are all disabled.

2.  Please view our file requirements and adjust your audio files to meet these requirements. 

3. Please try checking your drafts on your tracks page to see if you have any drafts you didn't know about. These drafts count toward your 10 track limit. Why can't I upload more tracks if I did not exceed my track upload limit?

4. Please try checking your drafts on your tracks page to see if you started uploading that beat another day and didn't complete the upload. Any files uploaded with the same name as your new file will also cause this error. Please try changing the name of the file to see if that helps. 



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